Pros and Cons of project homes versus custom homes

There are many advantages and disadvantages to embarking on a custom design home, or deciding on a project or kit home. 

Cost, build time and options – these are all things to consider when deciding to go with a custom home or a kit home. Learning everything you can about the different types of new homes will allow you to make a more educated decision about which option is best for you and your family. 

The decision about whether to buy a custom home or a personalised production home is a very personal one, and one only you can make.

If you find yourself torn about which direction to take, you may want to sit down with one of our experienced designers to understand the different options. 

Custom Design – Pros

The biggest advantage to a custom house is, of course, choice: down to the details for every little product and feature. Subsequently, your new home will be unique from every other home and meet all your requirements and standards in terms of quality and functionality.

Custom Design – Cons

All that choice means custom homes are expensive to build compared to personalised project homes. Supplies can only be bought for that single build, meaning bulk discounts don’t apply, and labor too will be more expensive as details are ironed out during construction.

Kit Home – Pros

You have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of price points, floor plans and finishes. This results in less decisions, which means less stress. It’s generally a faster build, which means less expensive labour costs. 

Kit Home – Cons

You won’t be able to design every single aspect of your new home, or as much input in how the home is constructed.

The best of both worlds

Whether it’s customised tweaks to classic designs or completely unique ideas and requirements, New South Homes can make your plans a reality and design the perfect home for you.

Book an appointment with our in-house Building Designers today and let’s work together to bring your vision to life and make your dream home a reality.