Use light pastel colours to make small bedrooms feel big.

Use light, soft colours

Small rooms benefit from light, airy hues. When decorating, particularly bedrooms, soft sorbet-pinks, greys or whites can help make a room feel both bigger and cosy. Alternatively, all white is always an easy win for small rooms, but to avoid it looking too stark, break it up with warm wood or dark accents.

Lose the packaging

Keep small laundries and ensuites streamlined and clutter free by minimising packaging. Decanting washing powders and cotton buds into attractive containers can make a small wet space feel less utilitarian and more luxurious.

Hang a mirror

Mirrors are a clever way to reflect light, making any small room feel much bigger, giving it a brighter feel. Don’t be afraid to play around with them – big mirrors in small rooms work, as do round ones above vanity tables or try even mixing a few different styles together as a feature wall.

Let the light in

Small rooms often suffer from lack of light. Letting in extra light through larger windows or skylights will help to make the room feel brighter, bigger and more beautiful. 

Hide storage

Use hidden nooks and crannies as storage. Seek out spaces such as underneath the bed, above the door frame, behind the door and underutilised corners for clever storage hacks. Minimising clutter is the aim.

Draw the eye up with shelving

Built-in shelving can minimise floor clutter as well as draw the eye up, which can help make a room look bigger.

Create a feature wall

Go bold with a statement feature wall or splashback. An all-over wallpaper will make the room feel much more cramped, but having just one standout wall will create a bright statement – and ensure the room feels spacious. Play around with Scandi-style wooden panelling or wallpaper.